Connect with the Village - 1/15/2017

ANNUAL MEETING:  The Annual Meeting of The Village Church will be held on Sunday, 29 January 2017 during the 11am worship service.  At that time, the congregation will receive the proposed budget for 2017.  Other matters will be addressed at that time.  Please prepare now to be in attendance.  Remember, all members and friends welcome to attend, but only members are have the privilege of voting.  

BREAD OF LIFE (FORMERLY THEOLOGY ON TAP) - Interested in casual conversation about faith issues?  Bread of Life may be for you!  We will meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month to talk and fellowship together. The next gathering will be February 9th at 6:30 at Panera’s, 491 W. Dussell Dr., Maumee, OH.  For more information, contact Karen Shepler at urbanrev@sbcglobal.net.

GREETERS - Enjoy meeting people?  Greeters are needed to say hello to people as they enter for Sunday service and to greet newcomers to The Village.  If you are interested sign the "greeter calendar "located on the bulletin board or email Marjie Zonner at marjiezonner@yahoo.com.

DO YOU LIKE OUR SUNDAY FOOD?  We've got great food - and it's all because of you!  If you would like to donate money for Sunday snacks instead of signing up to bring them in, please do so in the Sunday collection basket. Mark your donation "Village Sunday Food." If you would like to bring in snacks, a sign up list is located on the bulletin board in the hospitality area, or let Teresa Hagedorn (ttpurplechick@gmail.com) know.  If you choose, you can be reimbursed for your expenses. (Just give Shelly Savory your receipt.)

If you would like to add any announcements to the program or the weekly email, please contact our Office Manager Shelly Savory at ssavory19@gmail.com or 419-984-7131 by noon on Wednesday.



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